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1/15/2020 Other

GROEBNER Brings New Technology to the Industry

You hardly need to be reminded that technology continues to evolve and expand. You see it every day in both your business and your home life. And it’s increasingly clear that simply “keeping up” isn’t going to cut it. You need to stay ahead of the technology, making sure your utility system works for today and is ready for future developments.

GROEBNER strategically chooses suppliers that can offer you the cutting-edge technology you need to stay prepared for these industry changes. Our vendors deliver products of the highest quality and best value. You’ll increase your productivity, keep your business cost effective, and meet the compliance standards required in today’s natural gas utility industry. A sampling of our current offerings can show you how GROEBNER gives you an advantage into today’s business environment.

Customers demand more data, more quickly. And it’s not only customers. Operations and regulations also require greater data detail and accountability. You need to be responsive to these demands, but it’s important for your business that you can do so with an eye to keeping costs in check.

GROEBNER’s vendor partner, McElroy, offers the invaluable tools of DataLogger 6® and DataVault®. With a simple barcode scan, the DataLogger 6 allows you to collect data from plastic pipe fusions, as required by ASTM F3124, the latest in government tracking and traceability standards. With a single scan of the pipeline or fitting, the system is automatically filled with pipe material, size, manufacture date, and lot number. The user can quickly add operator and machine information, along with the GPS location of each joint.

The McElroy DataLogger 6 records all of the fusion parameters during the fusion process and stores that information. All these features ensure you’ll have real-time, complete data collection and accountability. Once the fusion data gathering is completed, all the data gathered by the DataLogger 6 is uploaded wirelessly to the secure McElroy DataVault in the cloud. Because the data is cloud-stored, the fusion data can be shared in near real-time basis. With the McElroy DataLogger and DataVault you’ll have all the data you want and need, loaded and ready for final documentation. You’ll have data for now and the future, all in a way that allows you to keep operation costs in check.

For efficiency and safety’s sake, it’s extremely important that you have the right equipment when fusing natural gas pipeline, whether installing new systems or repairing pipe in the field. But having topnotch equipment sitting in inventory can be expensive, if you’re not using it every day. Sometimes a job comes up and you have the crew to do the work, but not the extra equipment to get it done. Or there are times when your equipment breaks down, but you need to keep the job moving forward.

Here’s where GROEBNER’s rental program comes in. Our program can be your equipment back-up, for whatever needs your system has. We can offer you the right equipment, right when you need it – and you can just return it when the project is done. Our rental program provides McElroy’s midsized TracStars®, self-contained fusion vehicles, including all necessary electrical equipment, inserts, and pipe stands. Each TracStar model has a fusion carriage mounted on rubber crawler tracks and is self-propelled. These are all newly redesigned Series 2 machines – TracStar 28, TracStar 412, TracStar 618 – you’ll be getting the most current equipment that McElroy has to offer.

For many years, the height of meter-reading technology has been ERT, encoder receiver transmitter technology developed by Itron. As years have gone by, however, ERT transmissions are often interfered with by growing receiver traffic frequency noise.

GROEBNER’s supplier, Sensus’ FlexNet EasyLink™ Mobile Communications, offers the latest in technology to deal with the increasing challenge. The FlexNet EasyLink system reads both Sensus’ own SmartPoint® transceivers plus the competition’s ERTs – both SCM and SCM+. SmartPoint data transmissions are broadcast at a full 2 watts, over FCC-licensed frequencies and eliminates the interference from other transmitting devices. The more powerful transmissions on quieter frequencies allows for significantly greater range, better read rates, and improved route efficiencies.

The FlexNet system allows your utility to get real-time data transfer, which can improve how you operate. The FlexNet fixed base system can provide not only meter reading data, but system operational data as well. The FlexNet system makes your utility “greener” as it changes the way you utilize resources and only roll trucks on exceptions. The data gathered via FlexNet increases from a monthly read for billing to daily information and on demand real-time information.

Natural gas pipelines require ongoing maintenance and it is imperative repairs and new line connections can be made safely and cost-effectively. GROEBNER’s vendor, Mainline Control Systems (MCS) provides revolutionary Kleiss MCS systems for safely stopping the flow of natural gas in pipelines, allowing for that important maintenance on pipeline in place.

The revolutionary component of the Kleiss MCS systems is the unique patented sealing component, Multi-Dimensional Safety (MDS) Stopper. The inflatable MDS Stopper allows these systems to safely stop pipeline flow even when traditional squeezing methods aren’t optimal. Each set of equipment is designed for use on a range of pipe sizes and are designed to be used on multiple pipe material – polyethylene, steel, cast iron, PVC. This means that one system can be used in many applications no longer needing a unique system for each job.

One great advantage that the Kleiss MCS product line offers is its overall size. With a design engineered specifically to minimize weight, volume, and number of parts, these systems are lightweight enough to be moved and installed by hand. There is no large heavy equipment required to place and use the Kleiss MCS systems.

You can rely on GROEBNER to provide you the latest in natural gas distribution technology, through the best suppliers in the industry.